Welcome to Frog Pond Lake

Managed by the Frog eagles2-cropPond Property Owners Association (FPPOA) since 1997, Frog Pond Lake is a private lake community nestled in the piney woods of Southeast Texas. Frog Pond Lake is one of two sister lakes developed in the mid 1900’s by Jim Haralson (Lake Amanda and Frog Pond Lake).

Frog Pond Lake features approximately 100 acres which offers abundant wildlife, fishing and swimming. The lake contains several varieties of fish and is stocked with selected fish annually.

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About Haralson Lakes

sunset_cropMany Sabine area families have long wanted a weekend and vacation retreat in this beautifully wooded part of East Texas with its clear streams and rolling hills. Few such places have ever been available though because most of the land is owned by a few owners and is used for growing timber. With this in mind I have started development of a 1200 acre block of land that I hope will furnish many families, and particularly the children, many happy days of relaxation and healthful recreation in the water, woods and sun.

Written by Jim Haralson, 1952

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